some days, she feels like dying...

she gets so sick of crying.

29 November
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I'm Jeshi. I'm a random little band geek that gets attached way too easily. I like to hug people and get hugs. Most of the time, I live in my own little fantasy world that I create for my writings. I like to be alone, most of the time. I'm mean and annoying without realizing it. I'm also not good about writing bios. I own far more burnt CDs than legal ones. I don't make sense most of the time. I like singing along to songs on the radio. My most played CD is Coheed and Cambria. I listen to them all the time. I like to doodle espically people. I'd much rather stay inside than go outside. I'm a vegetarian, but not for the tree hugger reason; I don't like the taste of it. I love music. I zone out a lot. I sleep with my stuffed animals. When my bed is made, I have fifteen stuffed animals on it. I want to dye my hair dark, dark blood red. I'm a gamer girl. I love video games with a deep passion. I hate math. I can quote just about every eppisode of Family Guy. One word. ANIME. Dragons are my favorite animals ^_^ Inside jokes rock. I read about 5 web comics. I talk to people more on the computer than in person. I over use the words "Moo" and "Penis" (Go figure). I have difficulty forming sentences most of the time. I'm a flirtball with too many nicknames for my own good. I'll go out of my way to make my friends smile or feel better. I enjoy burping contests with my fellow drummers. (For the record, I usually win.) I'm a total pervert.
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Date Created:2004-07-25
Number of Posts: 62

Jeshi is a nerd. Some may disagree with her, but she knows that they are wrong. Oh yes. She is a band geek that plays drums. And she likes to spend time on the computer making icons, fixing up journals, ect. She also enjoys writing.
Strengths: Creativity, music, blenders *threatening stare*
Weaknesses: Filling out biographies, gets attached far too easily.
Special Skills: Music and writing.
Weapons: Guitar, drum sticks, mallets, anything she has with her. Favorites are blenders, swords, sporks, and her own two hands.
Random:: Hi. Moo? Penis. That's what I thought... HEIL NOUN!

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